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Advertise your Property on the leading Real Estate Portal in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Property is the most advanced real estate and rental marketplace in Sri Lanka. Our online platform offers various types of latest properties in Sri Lanka. We are aimed at changing the Real Estate industry of Sri Lanka. We offer all our services for free and we encourage every single user to advertise with us to feel our disruptive innovation in the Online Real Estate Market of Sri Lanka. We help you to Sell, Rent, or Buy any type of property for Free. Ceylon Property is Sri Lanka's most trending property listing website and also has the highest number of properties listed in Sri Lankan Real Estate Market.

On Ceylon Property, you can advertise and find buyer or tenants for your property. Every user gets to Advertise on Ceylon Property with few easy steps. Ceylon Property now offers ways to stand out in the overall crowd with your advertisement and also to get more leads. Below are the Prices for the Individual Advertisements:

Premium Ads

If you want to Rent or Sell your property immediately, you can now use our Premium Ad – which will allow the user to sell or rent out their property immediately. When you promote your ad as a Premium ad, there are benefit of getting more views and responses for your advertisement. How to promote your ad as a Premium Ad?

  • - Simply create an account on Ceylon Property using your Email ID
  • - Confirm the account using the Email ID or Phone Number OTP
  • - Then you can start Posting a Property Ad.
  • - After Posting your Ad, you can promote it as a Premium Ad.

By promoting your normal ad as a Premium Ad, it will provide you with more views and also more leads. This Premium Ad is designed as a premium promotional method on the Ceylon Property Platform which would allow every users 100% visibility on your ad. The Premium Ad will show on every page at the top row and it will optimize the views by 10 times more. Below are the Prices for the Premium Advertisements:

Singular Ad Package
45 Days Valid or Life Time +500
10 Free Boosts
Rs.2000 – Singular Ad for Individuals

How to advertise your property on Ceylon Property?

  • - Simply create an account on Ceylon Property using your Email ID
  • - Confirm the account using the Email ID or Phone Number OTP
  • - Then you can start Posting a Property Ad.

Sign Up with Ceylon Property as an Agent or Agency!

If you are an Agent or Agency, you can sign up with us for monthly subscription. If you intend to advertise more advertisements, we have created 3 packages. By going for an Agent or Agency package, gives a higher professional presence on Ceylon Property and reach a higher rate of customers. Our Packages are designed to allow Agents and Agencies to expand to generate more leads through Ceylon Property. Below are the Prices for the Agent or Agency package:

Agent Packages

Standard Ad Package
20 Ads
75 Free Boosts
Rs.5000.00 for Agents

Business Ad Package
100 Ads
200 Free Boosts
Rs.7500.00 for Agents

Delux Ad Package
200 Ads
400 Free Boosts
Rs.10000.00 for Agents

Unlimited Ad Package
Unlimited Ads
500 Free Boosts
Rs.15000.00 for Agents

Ad Boosting

100 Credits
200 Credits
300 Credits
400 Credits
500 Credits

Benefit of Signing Up as an Agent or Agency on Ceylon Property

Agent or Agency Profile: We provide you with an Agent or Agency Profile which will showcase all your properties, description about your services, opening time, closing time, email ID, Contact details, link to the official website and many more details. With a profile, users can see all your properties in one place.

Agent or Agency Badge with Logo: We will be providing every Agent or Agency with a Badge that specify them from the rest of the advertiser and also allow them to showcase their company logo for more visibility on Ceylon Property. Agent or Agency Badge with Logo will allow users to easily identify your brands on Ceylon Property.

State of the Art Boost System: Every Agent or Agency account will get a State-of-the-Art Boost System that will enable them to boost their properties at once with just one click other than boosting their properties one by one. This way it will cut down time and also, we have integrated a real time search system that will enable the Agent or Agency to find a specific property in Real Time.

Post a Higher Number of Ads: By getting an Agent or Agency Package, you can post more ads based on the package. By posting more advertisement, there is a higher chance of selling or renting your property in high rate.

Free Support Manager Assistance: Every Agent or Agency will be provided with a Support Manager who will assist you to enhance your profile and also help you with all the basics in the right manner. The Account manager will aid you in making the property details much more accurate and give profile the tools you need.

Use More Images: Every Agent or Agency account will be able to add any type of property with Maximum of 20 images per post and by adding more pictures, every user that is interested in the property will be able to get a clear idea about the property in depth.

New Development Advertising

In the New Development page, we introduce every type of new or future developments in Sri Lanka. These new developments are among the latest apartment projects, housing projects and international projects. This page will list some of the highest valued projects in Sri Lanka. If you are a developer looking to promote your latest Apartment or Housing Scheme Project. You can contact us to promote it through our website. By advertising with us, any developer will be able to promote their Project to a very unique segment of buyers in the Sri Lankan Market. Ceylon Property also targets a higher number of international buyers with various backgrounds and also ties to Sri Lanka. Especially Expats living abroad and who are looking to invest in Sri Lanka. What we offer when you advertise your latest Apartment or Housing Scheme Project:

  • Premium Listing with all the information regarding the project that is necessary for the user to understand the entire project.
  • Free social Media Marketing Campaigns to promote the overall Premium Listing Project.
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Services to give the client a better understanding about the project layouts.
  • We will create customized packages for each Apartment or Housing Scheme Project based on their requirements.

Contact us today on +94771243140 or email us on to get in touch with us!
If you have any questions or require any details, please feel free to contact our customer support:

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  • 0777134289
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