This page needs JavaScript activated to work. Lands for Sale in Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

Land for Sale Kohuwala

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

17.1 Perches
41 Perches Valuable Land for sale in Kirulapona, Colombo 06

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

41 Perches
6,000,000LKR (neg)
Commercial land facing Galle Road for Sale in Wellawatta

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

24 Perches
16,000,000LKR (neg)
37.5 Perches of Commercial Land Rent Colombo 06 - CP35773

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

37.5 Perches
37 Perches Land For rent in Colombo 06 - CP5258

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

37 Perches
1,000,000LKR (neg)
37 Perches Commercial Land For Sale in Colombo 06 - CP33796

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

37 Perches
8.1 Perch Land with 02 BR Old House for Sale in Colombo 06

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

8.1 Perches
12,000,000LKR (neg)
Land for sale at Nelson place Wellawatta

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

16 Perches
14,000,000LKR (neg)

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

8.36 Perches
12,000,000LKR (neg)
9.65 Perch Bare Land or Sale at Colombo 6

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

9.65 Perches
7,000,000LKR (neg)
12.45 Perch of bare land for sale at Wellawatta

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

12.45 Perches
Rectangle Shape Land for Sale in Colombo 6

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

20.65 Perches
7,800,000LKR (neg)
Land for Sale with House in Colombo 6 - Wellawatta

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

7.24 Perches
Land for Sale in Colombo 6

Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

16.76 Perches
4,800,000LKR (neg)

Lands for Sale in Colombo 6 (Wellawatta,Pamankada,Kirulapona South)

This page lists down all the Lands for Sale in Colombo 6, Colombo 6 highlights as zone 6 with a high demand for real estate value, and a location where you will see Apartments in every single Lane. There is a huge demand for apartments and houses in Colombo 6 as well as commercial properties. There are many famous locations like Dhammarama Mawatha, Charlemont Road, Alexandra Road, Frances Road, and Station Road. Colombo 6 has a residential vibe and there is also a very safe neighborhood in Colombo City. With clear views of the Indian Ocean, and sandy beach. Colombo 6 is a great location to settle down but there is huge traffic congestion in the morning and evening hours but the Marine Drive eases that traffic congestion. The Marine Drive Walkway lets everyone get their daily run with the fresh sea breeze. Ceylon Property can help you find the best Lands for Sale in Colombo 6 at the best price. Find the top ads for Colombo 6 for Sale in Land Category and Look into the convenience of Buying a Land in Colombo 6. There are various types of properties starting from apartments, houses, flats, commercial properties, bungalows, villas, and a studio available for sale in Colombo 6.

There are many Prominent Locations in Colombo 6 such as Collingwood Place, Hamer’s Avenue, Nelson place, Boswell Place, Moor’s Road, Fernando Road, Vaverset Place, 36th Lane, Rajasinghe Road, 42nd Lane, Vivekananda Road, Ramakrishna Road, Roxy Garden, Rudra Lane, Quarry Road, 46th Lane, Sri Bodhirukkarama Road, Pennyquick Road, Arethusa Lane, Rudra Mawatha, St. Lawrence Road, 33rd Lane, Fussel’s Lane, Manning Place, Fredrica Road, Kokila Road, Rohini Road, Sinsapa Road, W.A Silva Mawatha, Hampdon Lane, Peterson Lane, Saliya Road, Mallika Lane, Anula Road, Sri Saranankara Road, Kalyani Road, Tissa Road, Gomes Drive, Grairo Place, Iswari Road, Veluwanarama Road, Stratford Terrace, Byrde Place, De Costa Garden, Balapokuna Road, Mahawela Place, Mugalan Road, Nihal Silva Road, Gajaba Place, Jayasinghe Road, Shanthi Mawatha, Robert Drive, Nandimitra Place, Robert Gunawardena Mawatha, Kalyani Road, Tissa Road, Vijitha Road, Kaviratne Place, Swarna Place, Edward Avenue, Mayura Place, and Suvisuddharama Road are located in Colombo 6. We also have Apartments for Sale in Colombo 6, Lands for Sale in Colombo 6, Houses with Annex for Sale in Colombo 6, and Commercial Space for Sale in Colombo 6.

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